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16mm and video, 9 minutes, 1993

Music: Luciano Berio, Iannis Xenakis
Voice: Felice Shays, Matt Williams
Performers: Francine Donato, Felice Shays

Loosely based on a case study by Havelock Ellis of a lesbian who murders her lover, Parolé is an experimental film which examines
the construction of sexuality through
the discourses of medicine and psychology. These institutions have historically linked sexual identity to criminal and pathological behavior while naturalizing this construct through “scientific” studies.


Best Experimental Video, Atlanta Film and Video Festival, 1994

First Place Jurors Award, Chicago International Gay and Lesbian Film/Video Festival, 1994

Jurors Award, Charlotte Film and Video Festival, 1994

Jurors Award, University of Oregon Queer Film Festival, 1994

4th Place, United States Super-8 Film Festival, 1994